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Date: June 10, 2007
Location: Shannonville Motorsport Park, 7047 Old Hwy #2, Shannonville, ON
Track: Full Long Track
Time: 5:30-8:30pm
Registration: 5pm
Fees: $80 (registered before June 3) / $100 (at track)
Prizes:s: Medals for top 3 cars with the fastest lap time for each classes

You belongs to Class A if you meet either 1 of the following:

Any cars with Track & Competition DOT Tires
OR upgraded turbocharger
OR add-on turbocharger/supercharger
OR 3500cc+
OR 300+hps

OR Drivers with 5+ race track experience.

All other entries belong to Class B.


Maxim Wheels is trying to make this event as SAFE & FUN as possible:

FUN - Unlike most other lapping events, we will have a timing section. We will calculate your lapping time!! Each participant will have a minimum of 1 hour of warmup/testing, 2 labs timing section, and more free runs will be available after if time permitted. Top 3 racers in each classes with fastest lap time will receive a medal.

SAFE íV No drifting is allowed through out the whole event. No passing is allowed at corners, unless waived/signalled by the slower cars driver. Be respect with each other. This is an event for fun only!

EXTRA íV Want a photos of you and your ride on the track? There will be professional photographers (NASCAR)!!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Don't hesitate and register now!

RULES & REGULARTIONS can be downloaded here

APPLICATION FORM can be downloaded here


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