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Date: July 13, 2008
Location: Shannonville Motorsport Park, 7047 Old Hwy #2, Shannonville, ON
Track: Full Long Track
Time: 5:30-8:30pm
Registration: 5pm
Fees: $80 (registered before June 7, 10pm) / $100 (at track)
Prizes:s: Medals for top 2cars with the fastest lap time for each classes

How to determine your class? The total number of points in the following list of factors will do so. If you have questions regarding your class, please contact us at:

0-3 points: Class Novice/Stock
4-11 points: Class Intermediate
12+ points: Class Advanced

Air Induction System Modification:
1 points -Air filter, box, inlet/smooth tubes (all or any combinations)
1 points -Throttle body upgrade
3 points -Intake manifold upgrade/modification

Exhaust System Modifications:
1 points -Muffler upgrade
1 points -Catalytic converter upgrade (or removal)
1 points -Header installation/upgrade

Suspension Modifications:
1 points -Bushing upgrade
1 points -Front sway/tower bar upgrade
1 points -Rear sway/tower bar upgrade
3 points -Shock Absorber upgrade and/or spring change

Drivetrain Modifications:
1 points -Lighweight flywheel
2 points -Differential/gear change
4 points -Upgrade/reprogram computer
2 points -Clutch upgrade
3 points -Cylinder head upgrade/modification

Induction Modifications:
8 points -Upgrade or add-on Turbocharger/Supercharger

Brake Modifications:
1 points -Brake pad upgrade (race pad, more aggressive compound, etc..)
1 points -Upgrade rotors
2 points -Upgraded/modified calipers

Wheel and Tire Modifications:
8 points -Slicks or race compound tires

Body/Structure Modifications:
1 points -Lightweight body panels
1 points -Removal of interior body panels

#Failing to declare modifications to your car can compromise safety as well as impact the outcome of competitions. Withholding modifications to your vehicle may lead to disqualification from the event. Your vehicle will be inspected prior your entry to the pit gate. The organizer will have final say in any ruling.

##Maxim Wheels reserved the right to move your entry to the correct Class, combine two classes or split classes according to application status, No fees will be refunded in any circumstances.


Maxim Wheels is trying to make this event as SAFE & FUN as possible:

FUN - Unlike most other lapping events, we will have a timing section. We will calculate your lapping time!! Each participant will have a minimum of 1 hour of warmup/testing, 2 labs timing section, and more free runs will be available after if time permitted. Top 3 racers in each classes with fastest lap time will receive a medal.

SAFE íV No passing is allowed at corners, unless waived/signalled by the slower cars driver. Be respect with each other. This is an event for fun only!

EXTRA íV Want a photos of you and your ride on the track? We have more than one photographers on track to take photos for you!! They will be posted on our site after the event for free. :)

SPACE IS LIMITED! Don't hesitate and register now!

RULES & REGULARTIONS can be downloaded here

APPLICATION FORM can be downloaded here



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