We are a proud Canadian shop who specialized in Canadian brands since 2004!

Maxim Wheels specialize in providing wide selection of wheels in many colors and finish, with custom consultation on fitment and selections that based on customer's need. We care your need, budget and provide the best available options.


We carry rims, tires, lugnuts, wheelcaps, and other wheel accessories from brands imported from US, Asia and Europe. All products we carry have passed the international certfication to ensure high level of quality. These certification includes VIA, JWL, JWL-T, SFI, TUV, etc.


We started as a small distributor to carry few line of rim products in the spring of 2004. We expanded through out the years and now carrying over 50 wheel brands and over 40 tire brands. We currently have over 300 set of rims in stock, and over 1000 models with different specifications available for us to order.

We ALWAYS do our best to give you the lowest price in the market! Our new showroom is located right at the boundary between Markham and Scarborough of Toronto, Ontario.


We acquired both "" and "" website addresses to serve you better. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us anytime for your personal quote or if you have any questions.